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A Glencoe Collection

         This Collection of photographs of the legendary Glencoe, Scotland, is from my two trips in November and December 2021.

          What can I say? During my first trip there I felt excited, nervous to say the least. You are so in awe of being inside this Legend of Glencoe, that you don't even know how to look at it, you feel totally lost. I hope to be able to go there again, look at it again and delve deeper into the metaphysical essence of Glencoe.

           In this collection you will not find a photorealistic depiction of landscape, instead I'm more fascinated by the graphic lines and shapes, and by richly textured surfaces exposed in this time of the year.

        Like most of my photographs, these are printed on Hahnemühle art paper of museum quality.  The heavy textured art paper absorbs light and colour, and therefore lends a softer look to the rugged Scottish landscape, complements to my beloved mosses and rocks. The print that you will receive will definitely look softer than you see on your computer as the image on the monitor is brightly  lit from behind. 


A Rosa Rugosa Collection

        This is a Collection of Rugosa Roses photographed in the manner reminiscent of Botanical Art of the 18th-19th centuries, where a plant is presented in all it's splendour.

         The Collection presents the Rugosa Roses bred or discovered at the end of  the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries. They are very hardy, mostly with heady fragrance, the beauty of the blossom is beyond any words. All are from my rose garden in the North East of Lithuania.

         The photographs are printed on Hahnemuhle art paper of museum quality, which means that if kept correctly (out of direct sunlight) and if mounted with quality passepartout, the image will presperve it's qualities for a long time to come.



Hybrid Rugosa 'Souvenir de Philemon Cochet' (France, before 1899)
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