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My Photography Gear*

Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

Olympus PEN E-P5 (for street and friends)

Canon EOS 300v (film)

My favourite lenses:

Lumix G. Vario 45-200 mm f 4-5.6

Olympus 25 mm f 1.8

Olympus 17 mm f 2.8

Leica DG Vario-Elmer 100-400 mm f 4-6.3

Other great lenses:

Olympus 12 mm f 2.0

Olympus 45 mm f 1.8

Olympus 60 mm f 2.8 Macro

Canon 28-90 mm f 4-5.6 (kit lens)

Lee Seven5 Filter System


*Most of this gear was bought for 'sheep money'

   I feel I'm completely and utterly spoilt for choice! But it's been earned a hard way. And I can give you a tip how to buy gear for yourself!

   I lived off the land for more than ten years in North East Lithuania, kept a small flock of sheep: 50 sweet ewes, 2 gorgeous rams and x 1.5 cute lambs every season; an odd goat and a Jersey heifer, too.

   It was very hard work, long winters, very basic farming conditions, no revenue to speak of, but I loved every minute of it. During that time I hardly left the farm. Felt no need for it.

  There came a time when I felt an urge to travel, to see the world. I sold my lovely Texel sheep and bought most of my photography gear. Hence the 'sheep money'.

   Follow your dream, don't get stuck in the grinding routine. The wonders that you discover are worth the risk!

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