It's about a slow-paced and quiet, solitary pilgrimage of a passionate photographer, with stopovers to contemplate the wonders of nature and one's own Self.

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How I Nearly Hopped From Peak to Peak to Skiddaw

Oh, how I wanted to climb Skiddaw! I really did! I studied diligently the writings of Wainwright, that Lakeland genius, and others, of course. For days (of my two week holiday) I walked the roads and paths of the Ellen River Valley, reaching as far as I possibly could on my day’s journey from sunrise to sunset. I climbed Binsey (across the valley from Skiddaw) a few times (twice before sunrise and a few times before sunset), to get a better view. Skiddaw always looked distant, although rather innocuous; very charming when bathed in the light of dawn, and alluring when kissed by the sun breaking through; and certainly dull and boring beneath a grey blanket of clouds. One day I hiked as far as

Embraced by the Big Wide World

Hmm, let me think... When was the last time that I wrote for my English blog?.. Oh, yes! When I went out into the Big Wide World! Exactly a year and a half ago. I have to admit it was scary, but the World was so open, so friendly and so full of opportunities, that I'm glad I had enough courage to take that first step into the Unknown. For bravery I've been rewarded with two trips (so far!) to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland; a lengthy stay in Northumberland (Whitburn, Tyne and Wear); a break in South Downs where one day I surpassed myself and did 30 km (18 mi); then briefly back into the woods of North East Lithuania before we had ever heard of the word 'pandemic'; the northern edge of the La