It's about a slow-paced and quiet, solitary pilgrimage of a passionate photographer, with stopovers to contemplate the wonders of nature and one's own Self.

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The Gently Rolling Hills

I WAS RUSHING to the hills. How I missed them -- those gently rolling green hills! I willed my bicycle to run faster and faster, but it would only run at its own pace, even down the hill. At last I reached the neighbouring village, dropped by the shop and soon rode past the last houses. I then turned into a dirt road which took me to the hills. The road went up and down the gentle slopes. The hills around me were covered with a bright green sheet – the fields had been mown and new grass had grown. The bright green was a true feast for my eyes after staring at the monitor for endless hours. At last I reached my old spot, the same I had photographed, as it seemed, ages ago. I dismounted from t


A FEW DAYS AGO I quietly turned fifty-something. I was planning to switch off the phone and spend the whole of that day cycling a bit further from home and shooting landscape. Things turned out differently, however: I deleted irretrievably all my July photos (up to my birthday) and spent half a day waiting to see if my IT nerd guy could retrieve any of them. He did succeed, but his software retrieved not the ones that I wanted most. Luckily, I had put some of them on Instagram @loretagema (for landscapes) and @ahappylonersdiary (for the ‘Miscellaneous’ of my life). If I were superstitious, I would definitely see something extraordinary into it: deleting a tiny lump of your life – half of Jul