About Myself

In the Northernmost Point of Lake District

Yours truly,

Loreta Gema Baltaduonė - The Happy Loner

England & Lithuania

   I'm a Lithuanian photographer, a blogger, a rose gardener, occasionally a translator of fiction, and an ex-sheep farmer -- the wondrous world can hardly be fitted into one life. Currently based in North England.


   My solitary wanderings in the woods, stalking the roe-deer and tending the rose garden in my native Lithuania or travelling across Britain are all reflected in my photography, while the insights are jotted down in my Happy Loner‘s Diary.

   I would like it very much if my stories inspired and encouraged you to think about your Self, your life and what you could do with it in this world of miracles. There is no end to the stunning discoveries of the world and of oneself.

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