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How to Go Out Into the Big Wide World

FIRST you trudge through deep snow, across the roadless woods and fields, stepping into the moose‘s footsteps, pressed deep into snowdrifts – this way you can save at least some of your strength that you will require during your journey into the Big Wide World.

Then you go out onto a dirt road that leads away from your farm. Do not look back, just walk straight ahead, up to the country lane. If you hesitate, you may never make it to the Big Wide World.

After you have walked vigorously for a while, you reach the country lane: it has been snowing all night and from early morning cars have been polishing the snow on the road until it became as smooth as a millpond. The road looks like a white sash thrown across the gently rolling hills: you have to mark the lane – how else will you find your way back home!

At last the quiet country lane meets the black motorway, where you get on the coach that carries you to a big city. From there a plane flies you to an even bigger city; there you get on a coach again, then on a train and finally you are in the Big Wide World, by the big blue waters that swell far beyond the horizon where you cannot see.

The surging waters climb up the shore again and again. It’s high tide. A few hours later the water will recede submissively. Then all will start anew.

The waves wash crunchy pebbles that are so unusual to my eye and ear. Enormous seagulls fly round and round above my head – they have flown here from the unfamiliar Nordic Sea and from the Atlantic, which is even more foreign to me. The huge birds fly high above the shoreline and land on the wet sand.

In the sheltered nooks and crannies of the town, daffodils and camelias begin to open up, an early cherry tree blossoms. A pale rose flower sways in a breeze on a long stalk, most probably from the last year. It’s warm. Just like in April at home.

People pass by you with a welcoming smile on their faces. Raise your head and smile back, don’t slip by like a shadow - you will see how this exchange lights up you heart.

I go again and again to the seashore to stare at the endless waters with enormous seagulls dancing above them.

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